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A Proofread for Your Work

You can never go wrong with another pair of eyes!  A proofread ensures that your work is in its best form before it's presented to readers.  A proofread includes checking for proper grammar, spelling, punctuation, and paragraph structure.  I will also pay close attention to the voice of the writing and the clarity of its message.  

Edit and Rewrite Service

If you have a manuscript in need of a copyedit, content edit, or light edit and would like it to be reviewed in a professional way, the Edit and Rewrite Service is the one for you!  An edit goes deeper than a proofread and is the step before it. An edit looks for the flow of content, correct use of tense, rough spots, wordiness, etc.

The Winning Ticket: Quality!
Writing Services

Blog posts, articles, curriculum, business forms, fiction, biographies, poetry - the list goes on. Whatever your project, if you would like a co-writer, ghostwriter, or content writer, I would be happy to discuss your project.

Your work deserves to be presented in its best form!
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